FFDP & In Flames in Globen

Yesterdays hard rock metal concert was soo amazing! With my brother in rock. Svensson, we jumped like what sweaty teen girls do in front of Bieber, we did it PROUDLY in first rows of Metal legends – In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch!

Us fans “relatively” young in aged but defentetaly always super young when it comes to good pure metal! Music concerts like this bring us the essens and value of what we lack in every day more serious matters. The REAL fountain of youth is Pure rock n’ roll fun!


 Here I should give you a summary of the concert with fine words and glorious insights. No need. It just rocked my mind away!


Founder of Attitude4life and a passionated Dive Instructor/sailor and a Chef! And many more things. Just love life!

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