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My 2016

On the eve of 2017, there’s talk of 2016 being the “Worst.Year.Ever”. Terrorism, natural disasters, celebrity deaths, disturbing political shifts, continuing conflict in Syria, the list goes on. I won’t attempt to delve into it here as I am certainly in no position to evaluate these events. But I do hope that those who have…


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

It’s New Years Eve 2015 and I’m on a flight from Brisbane bound for Sydney. We’ve just spent the past week celebrating Christmas and getting some quality family time with Cam’s side of the family. I already miss the laughter of our nieces and nephews and my stomach has definitely stretched from the continuous feasting. As 2015…


Zigzagging Through Europe – Part I

Following our arctic adventures in Iceland and Greenland, we were very much looking forward to spending spring in continental Europe. The next month of our journey was spent zig zagging through other parts of Europe we had yet to discover — Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. The destinations below…


New York City

The first things that came to my mind when I thought about New York City before actually going there included Saturday Night Live; Million Dollar Listing New York; my urban design case study on Battery Park City; Jimmy Fallon; Central Park; the love heart on the Empire State Building at the end of ‘Sleepless in…


Travel Expectations

Your experience of a place is influenced by so many things – stories you’ve heard from family and friends who have been there before, what you’ve seen and read about that place, the people you are with at the time, the quality of accommodation you are in and also the weather. As a traveller, I like… © BEIMARKeting AB *