Kneeling, is it really disrespectful?

Warning: before you make your attempt on reading this, it’s a #RnR, Run on Rant. Yeah I’m not a writer and I write in Swinglish, just thinking out loud and sharing my opinion. If you read you will have a think or maybe a good laugh at least and go ahead and comment and have your mind said!

KNEELING, is it really disrespectful and disgraceful or is the problem something else? I have a different opinion and angle I think people and media should look more at and turn their attention and focus too.
Does the images of kneeling really look disrespectful? Players on their knees, heads down(or up proud), hands on heart and quite does look anything but dis respectful to me.
Since when is kneeling disrespectful anyway? When I think of kneeling I actually think of it in a positive manner and full of respect! In the whole history of mankind, we have kneeled in front of kings, rulers and even prophets out of respect. You kneel when you pray, you kneel in respect of a woman when you propose a new life together and a lot more…



Why isn’t this being part of a discussion in this big debate?
Is it really that the problem or is it just TRUMP and his big mouth that is disrespectful? Perhaps he’s just upset that the world hasn’t been kneeling at his meandering, or is it just Melania??! Hmmmmm…ooops… and go! Let the comments roll….
While the NFL players are making a statement to raise awareness and raise an important issue, Trump considers that it is far more appropriate for this to call national sports players “son of a bit***”
The national Anthem and respect for it has actually a big meaning for me myself and this takes me back to something similar when I made a statement and difference for keeping the respect to the flag and nationalism. Something that I believe has nothing to do with Racism unless you make it to it and how you approach it. As dual nationality, Persian/Iranian and Swedish I was 17 in high school in Sweden when Racism started to shape as taboo and there was confusion between Nationalism and Racism.


The schools were deciding and voting to remove National anthem from the graduation day in “respect” and solidarity for foreigners and racism. At that time I was part of the school comity having a vote in such decisions together with school management. As the only foreigner in that comity I voted NO to removing the National Anthem and was strongly against it and made it clear that it is the right of the country to be able to play its national anthem and everyone including non Swedes should stand up and respect it. At this time I was not even Swedish Citizen yet so technically it was not even my national anthem. But I said and believed that I and anyone else in my position should stand up and respect the country we live in. We don’t need to sing it if not our anthem, but we should stand up respect it. Sitting down, or not being quite would be disrespectful! Our school chose to play the national anthem due to my vote and statement and yet today I feel proud of it and this whole thing make me think and make me want to make a statement about this whole kneeling thing.

Is the gesture of the NFL and NBA actually out of disrespect? NO, I don’t believe it is! Sitting down on your ass, not paying attention or turning your back or picking your nose or something is disrespectful! But I don’t believe and its clear that none of these players are actually kneeling out of any disrespect to either the national anthem or the flag. They are kneeling WITH Respect and grace just using this gesture and opportunity to raise an even bigger message of unity for their country and flag. What is disrespectful and DISGRACEFUL is when the president of this county, calling itself the greatest nation on earth is faster to disrespect the players and their MOTHERS than listening to the real message.

He treats the whole country and world as if its his personal TV reality show and on mission to just FIRE people instead of using the opportunity to unite its people! This way of approaching things , the way he is so defensive about actually anything with race is actually dividing the nation and the world more. That is what I say disrespect full for and to any Nation! Someone should make this the debate! Does he really have any respect for anyone, even his own nation and national players? OR is it actually the kneeling that he has issue and problem with or the message of it!??? Why does he always become so defensive and react this way when there is a message of race comes in the picture???

It’s actually amazing to see now all the teams, players, owners, black or white are joining in unity and solidarity and making a stand and giving him a message even if in the end don’t matter when it comes to TRUMP. He is the president and thinks it gives him an almighty power to say and do anything with whatever consequences for his own people and rest of the world!

To me and I think almost anyone with a bit of decency and respect for other human beings is quite clear, Kneeling and the players are not the problem and the ones disrespect full. It’s just a TRUMP problem. If he was a leader for the good he would have used a total different approach and rhetoric to this situation, an understanding and compassion approach and thats how you unite and get people behind you. Something I can just imagine and bet Obama would have done with Grace in same situation.
Now personally I hope not only NFL or NBA but all sportsman and politicians should do the same until the message is even more loud and clear. Kneeling out of RESPECT, love and UNITY against bullying, hate and Racism.


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