Konichiwa From Paris!

Hi everyone!

I am saying this ofcourse while pompously assuming that somebody will  have nothing better to do with their life and will somehow end up reading this … and that’s assuming ofcourse they don’t stop be reading this after the first few sentences , in which case YAY! … am sorry, I meant hi 🙂 and thank you .


While the above attached pictures  have nothing to do with what I look like today  because I suppose am getting older 😉 , I like to remember myself as having been all of that . And while I still look the same ,I am somehow different . I came across a shameful group picture of me today LOL , yes shameful. Why, you ask ? Well , believe it or not , I couldn’t recognize myself… am not kidding. Somebody tagged me in their facebook status and unleashed this oh so painful picture that apparently has me somewhere in it …and yes I said apparently because I still haven’t found myself in it. I kid you not . I know what you are thinking , that am in denial etc , but am telling you , while I remember the day the photo was taken, because that was the moment I decided I was gonna be a model and joined a lame beauty pagent and remember most of the people in it . I can’t for the life of me figure out which one of those ladies is me . Not even from the clothes or shoes . Just sad . Or maybe am just denying I ever wore such embarassing clothes . But seriously , not kidding . And no , am not drunk either LOL ,So I will just have to trust my friend who says that I am in it 😀 , you decide for yourself .


It seems it’s one of those weeks that people decided that I needed to see old embarassing photo’s of myself , because believe it or not I recieved another one last week!


Well , enough rambling as they say . So , as far as introductions go , Greetings! Am Mbwika 🙂

lovely to meet you ! and even though  we don’t know each other ,  I hope we can rectify that as time goes by . Oh , and please tell me if you can find me in the before mentioned group photo . I will now go listen to symphony number 3 ( a symphony of sorrowful songs) Henryk Mikołaj Górecki , before I go sleep. They don’t make music like that anymore. Bonne soirée!




I was born African , in a family of six in Zambia , decided from a very young age that where I was born would be just that and have since spent the last two decades seeing what else the planet has to offer and I must say , I have not been dissapointed! If I have learn't something while I was doing that , it's Don't survive LIFE , LIVE IT !

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