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Who said that men as well as strong women don’t shop for there babies, can’t run a baby blog or stay home with the kids instead of going to work? We live in the 21st century and everything else is an old myth. Maga’s clients are dads, grandfathers and even uncles along with sisters, cousins and friends. Not just mothers. So for those of you who has not yet been introduced to Maga yet, I thought to take this great opportunity to do so! To a fresh new clothing brand for baby girls, called Maga!

First a little about me. I’m a mum of a wonderful baby girl and an ex model. Some you may say; whatever. However my biggest inspirations in life are those things: my baby, fashion and the entire experience I have collected during my work travels. When you have the chance to travel the world you discover, experience, see and learn about the beauty of different cultures, tradition, nature, people and much more. I have been very lucky and privilege to get the opportunity to make my dreams come true. The experience I’ve got, gives the fruits to my collections. To illustrate it here are some pictures of my work as a model.

I have decided to conjure a magical world, full of fantasies and colors that will change with the seasons. Maga is a brand where all creativity is closely associated with a range of timeless and unique design.

Being a mum, I know how important it is that our children’s clothes are comfortable, durable and that they look beautiful. Therefore, Maga is destine to meet the most important criteria that we, the parents, have when choosing garments for our kids. Superb, original design, a spectra of colors, carefully selected high quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship, all together creates unique products for our baby girls.

As proud as I am of my Polish origin, I have decided that my first collection would show elements of Polish art and folklore. My collaboration with Polish artists has resulted in a handmade embroidery which are part of nearly every item of clothing in my collection, making it extraordinary unique and joyful.

I’m very happy to share the experience of creating a magical world with you. You are more then welcome to visit my website:



The founder and designer of Maga - baby girl garments and a former model born in Poland now living in Milan, Italy.

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