Hi everybody , I hope you are all being awesome . I know I am ! I think everybody is as eager as I am to see the last of winter. We supposedly are in spring , but if  you see what kind of weather we had last week it’s kind of hard to accept that as fact. Winter just won’t go away ! Like a stalker ex-girlfriend with unhealthy attachments ,except this time we can’t exactly file for a restraining order . We can only watch helplessly as it ruins yet another day . So maybe not exactly ex-girlfiend but ex-wife ? LOL ! Anyway , our topic today is about ” COLON HYDROTHERAPY” or “IRRIGATION OF THE COLON” Which is gaining in popularity as a form of detox . Now, I know a lot of people may have mixed feelings about the subject or even consider it as an uncomfortable conversation topic BUT bear with me here , I will make my case and you can decide for yourself whether there’s anything to it . Every time I try to have a conversation about it with my friends the best I can get from them is this

DA HELL                  OR                 aint no body

So , after the absolutely painful and failed experiment of going vegan (sigh),I somehow suspect that I have a sub-conscious desire to torture myself. I was left with some undesirable complications which included massive over growth of candida albicans , anaemia , , calcium deficiency and tendonitis . I had developed sensitivity to  many types of food like gluten and dairy which I discovered was because of candida and the degeneration of the colon .Oh joy! But that’s not the topic here , The summum of all this is that I was in bad shape and needed to do something about bringing my body to a balanced state . The candida overgrowth was the hardest part. I went to see the doctor who gave me some serious medicine that treated the problem briefly but didn’t address the root cause such that after the medicine I felt even more tired than before ! I gave up on that after 3 weeks and decided to do a candida diet that I read about online . I found this to be a pain . This was taking me back to the whole situation where I had restricted options with my food and being anaemic etc this just wasn’t an option I could live with . So I came up with a new plan. GO NUCLEAR on this shit! I did an in-depth study on what really causes the body to be in this state and devised a clear step by step plan .                                                                 genious

STEP 1:  Green juicing every morning to help my body become more alkaline . The candida thrives in an acidic or imbalanced environment . I juiced , fennel , cucumber , celery , apple , tomato , tangerine . then one hour later I’d make a smoothie with mango , banana , apple , pear, kiwi .  I did this religiously everyday, infact I still am doing it  . You know what they say , ” If it works …..”

STEP 2: I bought and anti fungal online but not the industrial kind , you don’t want to put more stress on your system at this  point . I bought grapefruit seed extract at 250mg a capsule . It is known to be very effective in treating this problem . The dosage depends on the severity of the problem , it can be had once a day , or three times a day depending on how bad the problem is , if you plan on taking it for some time I’d advise 1 to 2 capsules once a day but make no mistake , it works magnificently!

STEP 3 : I bought probiotics in order to assist my system in re-instating balance. Probiotic assist in re-introducing the good bacsteria that makes your immune system keep things in check .

STEP 4: Colon hydrotherapy. Since the candida attacks the digestive system and the colon is a huge part of this , we have get it spring cleaned . The colon hydrotherapy is a method where they intensively clean your large intestine to get rid of toxins , candida ,  dried mucus , parasites etc. So basically , your large intestines plays the part of garbage management and has to be cleaned.  When it is overwhelmed with toxins or inflamtion you develope sensitivity to foods it can no longer process  causing buildup of toxins and swelling . If you want to know more about colon hydrotherapy  please refer to the link below . I did this therapy once a month for three months in conjuction with the rest. The normal clean-up should be every six months or once a year depending what kind of lifestlye you lead. The therapy also helps the other organs to function more efficiently.


I might like to add that during this process, I ate whatever I wanted , whenever I wanted . It is important to get your body used to your lifestyle and eating habits. Going on a diet or cleanse and then jumping back to how you used to live before is not good . It causes hormonal imbalances and lymphatic fatigue.  If you give your body the tools , it will fight for itself and clean up.

Thanks to the process, I am now candida free, I can eat cake again ! LOL . OMG croissant  I had missed you so much ! I have overcome my sensitivity to gluten and dairy as well as many other types of foods I had stopped eating and my fatigue is gone. I can sleep 8 hours straight with no issues and my weight is not flactuating anymore.

Needless to say , I am ready for summer and all the kilos and new problems  that will come with it LOL !  But after all we can’t let life  be boring or mundane now can we ?





I was born African , in a family of six in Zambia , decided from a very young age that where I was born would be just that and have since spent the last two decades seeing what else the planet has to offer and I must say , I have not been dissapointed! If I have learn't something while I was doing that , it's Don't survive LIFE , LIVE IT !

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