TO EGG OR NOT TO EGG ? That is the question!

Hello Everyone!

Long time !! Am sorry for the delay in post,(Sorry Gino ūüôā , I will try to be more available!) ¬†Life in Paris is such a drag! ¬†You hope to have enough time to enjoy some of that romance it is reputed for but good luck finding enough time for that! Let alone just enough time to enjoy a simple movie ! But Alas! hereI am Once again with enough time to procrastinate! I’d like to say thanks for all the comments of supporting comments , means alot to me . I enjoyed reading all them .

As I may have mentioned in my ealier post I have a knack for extremism. I went vegan . My journey with that hasn’t been very smooth. Paris is a very unforgiving ¬†city for a non gluten vegan . It may sound harsh but my birthday lentil soup which tasted like boiled socks would argue that point well (not that I know what boiled socks taste like but I imagine this would be it , no contest ūüôā And don’t get me started on that special they called plat du jour ! Made me think , “Yup ¬† , you deserve a good punishment for getting older and this is just oh so appropriate!” LOL ! It was no birthday celebration , it was a birthday punishment .

My Troubles began a month after converting .I followed all the necessary steps , researched thouroughly the nutritive value of all veggies and fruits , did a detailed study of daily nutrient requirements for an adult , did my best to balance my meals according to said values . It wasn’t an easy fit , but after a month I eventually got the hang of it . But Just after I was getting used to the change , the problems started . I noticed that nails were brittle and not growing very fast , My teeth were becoming very sensistive and I was developing a very high intolerance to normal daily things like spices , bicarbonate , vinegar , salt and acidic fruits .I no longer enjoyed my smoothies , infact they gave monstrous gas ! Now don’t get me wrong , the initial cleanse this had provided for my system was awe-inspiring , but now I understand that there is such a thing as too clean when it comes to your body . And that was just the begining of the night mare . So I was now forced to eat my salads without vinaigrette, my food bland because i felt sick after eating food with spices or most herbs like garlic, rosemary , basil etc . That would have all been ok but then I started feeling very lethargic and light headed .My hands were shaky if I was even an hour late to eat . Now while I don’t doubt that you can keep changing your vegan diet till you eventually find what suits you ,but working in a busy city, I just don’t have time to be sickly , weak and lethargic . So, my ealier diet before going vegan consited mostly of eggs and the odd seafood once every three moths . I never knew how much of a difference an egg makes! So , after a much needed contemplation , I have decided to EGG afterall . I won’t go back to seafood but diet will atleast consist of egg. So sue me ūüôā I am not unhappy about the 6 kilos I lost though .

PS: If you are already vegan kudos ! You guys make it look easy ! If you are planning on becoming vegan , just make sure you understand how hard that really is . Make the transition slowly and don’t be ashamed to give up if it gets too hard . But all in all make sure your body can handle whatever health decisions you make. It is nice to wan’t to be vegan and all but just make sure your health doesn’t get worse in the process . ¬†bu remember this,

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So , Until next time, have yourselves HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



I was born African , in a family of six in Zambia , decided from a very young age that where I was born would be just that and have since spent the last two decades seeing what else the planet has to offer and I must say , I have not been dissapointed! If I have learn't something while I was doing that , it's Don't survive LIFE , LIVE IT !

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  1. December 27, 2014 @ 2:49 PM Mbwika Joyce

    LOL I intend to do just that! thank you ūüėČ


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