Water , water , W…aaater.


I’ve been called an extremist and an over thinker etc and some cases I may tend to agree with them . Which brings us to our topic today  and I suspect you may have guessed it , yes , water. As am certainly sure most of you if not all are aware that water makes up 70 of our bodies , which translates as an extremely important factor in our well being . This water in our body is working non-stop to extract toxins and transport various elements to where they are needed . Given that we live  in such a toxic world , the body has become severely over-taxed and needs help from us . Which brings us back to water , water being an important element in toxin elimination must be consumed regularly . Am currently at 4 litres a day . However this water must not be another source of toxins for the body . The world we live in is so called developed and brings water to the comforts of your home but this water in most places isn’t in a very good state and has been overly recycled making it very acidic in PH levels .Take paris for instace , when tested the water revealed to contain alot of elements that included paracetamol . For a detailed report of waht is in your tap water read the link


I didn’t like the sound of that so I decided , nope , am gonna start drinking mineral water instead . And out comes a scandal about a company bottling tap water and calling it mineral water . Also after testing , it revealed that the mineral water is also acidic though not as much as tap water . So that option was off the table . Next stop , Water filter .  I did some reserach and came up with a filter from Zen water systems . i must admit that this option served me quite well for a good two years but Alas , as the company is based in the US , the logistics are a nightmare . When I bought the system , it cost me around 80 dollars but I had to pay 70 more to have it shipped to France . While I may have though it was a small sacrifice at the time compared to the benefits , I was now confronted with a new dillema two years down the road. The filters  have to be changed and at the time I was buying the set , there were no spare filster so they told me to order it later . I thought , no problem . So come two years , I am on the site looking at the filters of which there are two and in total the cost 29 dollars . not alot right ? Wrong . Apparently I hav to pay 60 dollars for shipping which I thought was complete nonsense. So , back to the drawing board . After extensive research  I came upon THE VIAFOSA WATER DISTILLER !  Which was just just fantastic . There has been some myths about distilled water but they are just that .Below are the benefits of drinking distilled water , facts proven by science and doctors .


Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells that thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells.


Dr Allen E Banik


“Anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason, hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Weightwatchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet if they include 4-6 glasses of distilled water each day taken a half hour before each meal”


Dr B Landone (who kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years)

Essential to Health

“Drinking 6-10 glasses of high quality water (distilled) can improve your health. Low quality water is more pervasive than you think. Educate yourself so you can choose the water that is healthiest for you.” Dr Norman Walker. Problems he describes as being influenced by impure water include: arthritis, varicose veins, cancer and even heart attacks – a major problem in virtually every community in the country.

Dr Walker lived to be 99 years old.

“Even tap water invariably contains a variety of poisons such as chlorine, chloramine, asbestos, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, and lead. The best way to remove all these contaminants is by distilling.”
How To Save Your Teeth: Toxic-Free Preventive Dentistryby
Dr. David Kennedy, D.D.S.

The benefits associated to drinking distilled water are numerous one of which  comabtting some issues of  infertility , IBS , Athritis , kidney stones cancer etc . .

So , I ordered my distiller for 135 British pounds , greatest decision I ever made . Very lovely sales lady called Lynn who was just a sweetheart organised everything and I had it in no time. It came to me just as I was coming back from my summer holidays in Italy and am shamed to say I ate and ate and ate . So muuuuch good food! I found gluten free pizza!  I was addicted to gelato . I found a great gelato spot in st Gimingano where even Tony Blair frequents! just fantastic!

IMG_2342  IMG_2021

Needless to say I had abused my body and something needed to be done about it . I had  been hearing alot about this thing called          ” Water Fasting ” . So basically in water fasting , the concept is , because we have over taxed our bodies by taking in too many toxins through food , air , shampoo , environment etc our bodies are over taxed and do not have enough time to deal with all that crap so we develope diseases and allergies and eventaully a full body breakdown . The concept is to stop eating for a period of time and drink only water so our body can detox , and heal during this period.  There are people who do it for 1 day , 2 days , 5 days , 7days , 10 days etc . You build your way up to what is comfortable for you . The longest I have seen was 21 days!  But you have to be extremely careful when doing this and must remember to drink water regularly. Do not do this with tap water as it has too many toxins . The best water for this distilled water . But filtered water works just as well ( am not talking brita here . a proper water filter )

So I , decided to go for the 7 day one . Started on saturday the 23rd of August.

Day 1 : Feeling ok , nothing too hard . yes ! I can do this !

Day 2 : Still feeling ok , though I am starting to feel hungry now . but I did notice that am sleeping better and really well relaxed.

Day 3:  Woke up feeling really really hungry , but I did notice that whenever I feel hungry , if I drink water the hunger goes away immediately.

Day 4: OMG , why am I doing this to myself ! I keep seeing food every where! and my brain keeps flashing pictures of food in my head aaaargh!!! Plus side : I weighed myself today and I lost 5 kilos already! My skin is literally glowing! I haven’t seen it looking this good since I was 20! My stomach that is always upset seems to have calmed down.

Day 5: I am meeting a friend today , So left to see her but I noticed I can’t walk very fast . I have clarity of mind , I was really forgetful recently but now things seem just clear . I can’t hold an argument and just can’t be bothered to ,don’t have the energy for it . two more days to go!

Day 6: I am in HELL! OMG WHY!!! FOOD , FOOD ,FOOD, FOOD ! Just like a broken record in my head .Feeling really really , really  hungry , tired , lethragic . lesson learnt , don’t make any plans to go anywhere when doing the fast . Your energy is to be saved for detoxing and keeping you upright. lost 8 kilos now . skin fantastic , stomach just wonderful but I can’t stop thinking about food from the moment I wake up till I go to bed . I am walking like a 90 year old , feeling dizzy if I do anything taxing. have to rest alot! If I walk for 10 minutes I feel like I have been stading on my feet for 24 hours! Have to sit very often but other than that eveything is fantastic.

Day 7: Finally! The end of this misery ! Can’t wait to have that watermellon smoothie ( You have to ease  back into eating , starting with a smoothie made from water mellon because this will be more gentle on your stomach. don’t just jump into that steak and fries! You will be very sick . For lunch you may have a salad with whatever you want in it and eat  whatever you want in small potions .) So I made my mellon smoothie , had two glasses of it!  but Alas! What a dissappointment! I feel like I have run over by a truck . My kidneys hurt because they haven’t filtered anything but water for 7 days and they have to re-adjust to the new programme. I feel very sleepy so took a 2 hour nap . Woke up , ate watermellon . not as smoothie but as a fruit . I am starting to feel like a normal functional human being . My body feels okay now . It’s now dinner time , made a  salad with walnuts , sweet corn , avocado , tomato and shredded carrots with olive oil on top . tastes fantastic! ate a small potionof risotto made with wild mushrooms , tomato paste , herbs, some blonde lentils and onions .

Welcome back to the world of the living! I feel normal again . Will do this again in 3 months! LOL , yes , I will do it again . It was a nightmare but the benefits and results are incontestable!

ps: read the link below to know more



I was born African , in a family of six in Zambia , decided from a very young age that where I was born would be just that and have since spent the last two decades seeing what else the planet has to offer and I must say , I have not been dissapointed! If I have learn't something while I was doing that , it's Don't survive LIFE , LIVE IT !

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